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First Look Wedding Photos

First Look Wedding Photos: Tips and Tricks


Many couples decide on having a first look because it is easily the most magical and intimate moment of a wedding. Namely, the shots from it are candid, emotional, and romantic at their core. Capturing first-look wedding photos means being able to look back at your celebration and relive it again and again. These are very special and intimate minutes of your union, so you will certainly not regret creating lifelong memories out of them. 

However, since these moments are truly one-of-a-kind, you will want the photographs to be equally as special. So, adding a touch of magic to them is vital if you want to capture their essence. For that reason, we have included some tips to help you create magnificent photos. 

Tips for First Looks

Don’t Fret about Breaking Tradition

One of the most common wedding questions is, do we break tradition or stay the course? Trust me, we get it, a traditional wedding is such an important thing for most couples and their families. If you are being pulled in multiple directions about having a first look I want you to know not to worry about seeing one another prior to walking down the aisle.

Doing first looks slows down your wedding day and provides an intimate moment before the frenzy of events. It allows you and your partner to bask in the affection you have for one another and calm your nerves. At the end of the day trust your instincts because it is about what you and your partner want!

Pick an Intimate Spot 

First look shots require a private setting away from your bridal party. These moments need to be captured in a secluded area without any spectators. By doing so, you will achieve an intimate effect on the photographs, where exclusivity and your whimsical romance take first place. It is a naturally touching moment, but to obtain that in a picture, you need a special ambiance. 

You have a variety of options when it comes to picking the spot. You can do it in a beautiful garden surrounded by greenery, or you can choose to do it on the outside to ensure good lighting. If you are having your wedding in a hotel, you can opt for a secluded area to depict your union’s romance and sensuality. Simply, you can choose the setting that best suits your style and preferences.

Choose a Place with Good Lighting

Yes, you want to pick an intimate location away from the hustle and bustle but you also want to think about the lighting. Whether you’re taking the first look indoors or outdoors, make sure the lighting is good. Avoid harsh shadows or direct sunlight, as this can ruin the moment. Your professional photographer will be able to guide you when it comes to finding your picture-perfect location!

Wedding Gifts During the Photo Session 

You can make your first look photos unique by including little tokens of appreciation in the session. Your photographers can capture the two of you handing each other your presents and your reactions. These moments are priceless, so being able to relive them after some time is a true gift. 

And, what is a better time for exchanging gifts than when the two of you are alone and have a moment only for yourselves? Your first look wedding photos are not just a part of your bridal plan. On the contrary, they are a reason for the bride and groom to share their love and excitement on their special day without anyone else being present. 

Relax and Enjoy the Moment

Remember that the first look is a special moment that you will never forget. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the moment with your partner.

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