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Biggest Wedding Regret | COMPLETE weddings + events | Springfield Mo


When it comes to wedding regrets from my own personal wedding I don’t have many, fortunately. The biggest regret though still weighs heavy on my heart 4 years later though and if I could turn back time I would. Like a lot of couples, I did not hire a wedding videographer to capture my wedding because I thought it was not necessary. We all have different reasons why like budget or thinking other details were more important but at the end of the day, 98% of brides regret not hiring a videographer according to the Huffington Post.

Biggest Wedding Regret

I thought if I splurged on my photographer for my wedding it would be enough. What I did not realize is how priceless audio and movement are. I have hundreds of gorgeous pictures filled with laughter, tears, and loved ones but looking back it’s just not enough. My husband and I wrote our own vows and in the craziness of the day, they got misplaced. This breaks my heart because not only do I not remember what we wrote but I will never be able to hear my husband say them to me ever again. One of my favorite reception pictures is my brother giving a toast and we are both crying and hugging. Once again I look back and try to remember everything he said and how moving it was but just can’t recall.

If I can give you any wedding advice it is to take time and consideration about figuring out what is most important to you. Will you in 50 years after your old and grey want to relive one of your most cherished moments just with pictures? Or will you long to listen to your loved ones laugh and vow to love you now and forever? After time fades you won’t remember what your cake tastes like and your flowers will die and you probably will never be able to fit in your dress but your wedding pictures and video will help that special day to live on for many generations.

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