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Guest Book Alternatives

One of the best ways to add some personalization to your wedding is through your guest book. If a traditional guest book seems too overdone for you, we have come up with some unique wedding guest book alternatives for you to consider.

Wedding Prices Are Up: How Can Couples Get the Best Value?

Costs are high across the board right now. With inflation and the unpredictable economy, wedding prices are increasing by a lot. Higher prices shouldn’t discourage you from having the wedding of your dreams. Complete Weddings and Events Twin Cities has three big ways you can get the most bang for your buck and get the best value for your wedding.


National Wedding Planning Day

National Wedding Planning Day is an annual holiday celebrated March 1st. What is this day all about? Great question! And we have all your answers here. We sat down with Esther Lee, Senior Editor for The Knot who has covered events like the 2018 Royal Wedding and the premiere of Crazy Rich Asians, to fill us in. Listen to the podcast for the full interview with this wedding industry expert!

TCWEP New Podcast on Wedding Trends and Traditions

New Wedding Trends That Are Here to Stay + Traditions That We May Never See Again

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local hospitality industry has seen many new changes. Including some traditions that are of an era that never knew things would change. Your hospitality-industry experts Elizabeth Sherry, Matt Sherry, and Michelle Tverberg along with Michael Sherry delve into a compelling conversation on what changes they’ve seen in the events industry. Some traditions that we likely won’t ever do again, and some wish-list items from the staff at events. Listen in as they talk from the Complete Weddings + Events podcast studio in South Saint Paul, MN. For more information on wedding trends and traditions explore TCWEP.

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Saying Goodbye to Summer Weddings

Chill is in the air. The leaves are changing colors. You sometimes (definitely) need a jacket. Fall is upon us in the Twin Cities and that means that Summer 2021 brides, you made it! Your event has passed and you are officially married! Congrats from all of us at Complete Weddings + Events Twin Cities, we appreciate so much being a part of your special day. As we say goodbye to summer weddings, we will share some of the best things about the season past.

Capturing Wedding Details Through Photography

When planning for a wedding our focus is oftentimes on the big picture. Top-of-the-checklist items like venue and décor can have us thinking about our event on a grand scale. However, remembering to add in little details might end up being just as meaningful. Your Complete Weddings + Events – Twin Cities photographer will capture every part of your exciting day, from the largest statements to your smallest wedding details.

Beautifully Bohemian – A Complete Weddings + Events Twin Cities Wedding

Tom and Megan photographed by Heather Hanson for Complete Weddings + Events Twin Cities was just too special not to share. If you read our last blog Timeless Wedding Inspiration, you know that we featured the bohemian wedding trend. Real couple Tom and Megan embodied this inspiration perfect with macramé details and unique florals. The brides’ shoes were an incredible nod to the laid-back but vintage style.

Timeless Wedding Inspiration

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is deciding on your inspiration. This is what decides what you’ll wear, how the venue will be decorated, and all the little details that will make your day special. Having a solid inspiration makes it easier for you to narrow down some of the bigger decisions of your wedding day. To make deciding on a wedding theme easier for you, we have come up with four timeless wedding themes to draw inspiration from.



Wedding Season Complete Mid-Summer Check In

It’s Wedding Season!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and at Complete Weddings + Events – Twin Cities, wedding season is in full swing. This is our Mid-Summer check-in to say congrats to all our AWESOME couples so far.

Making a commitment in a pandemic brings even more stress to the wedding planning couple, but you’d never notice it on our bride’s faces. Early 2021 brides were resilient against the challenges of planning (and re-planning!) during uncertain times. Regardless of setbacks, we were able to capture some of our most beautiful photos from a wedding season yet. As seen below, 2021 brides are dedicated fully to their events — and also, they’re ready to party! (Just like Complete!)

The Best is Yet to Come…

We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility during the COVID-19 crisis and are here around the clock to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. For those couples in the later half of 2021, we are very excited to help you create a magical event. Fall and Winter are some of the most beautiful wedding backdrops Minnesota has to offer and we are looking ahead to make the season wonderful. Please be reaching out to your vendors with any questions or concerns so that things are assured to run smoothly on your big day. We can’t wait to Party Like You!

May the Fourth Be With You! And Other Trendy Wedding Dates

May the Fourth Be With You! If you are a Star Wars fan, you know today is a pretty AWESOME day. Some people are even big enough fans that they choose this as their wedding day and inspiration. Complete Weddings + Events – Twin Cities was lucky enough to photograph one of these cool Star Wars weddings. Galactic battles not your thing? There are plenty of other fun and trendy wedding dates coming up!