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Lincoln Outdoor Wedding Tips + Venues

Having an outdoor wedding has so many perks! Beautiful scenery, cool breezes, and fresh air to enjoy your event. These are all captured in some of the best photos of the day. We’re all in for outdoor weddings, but we also have some things to keep in mind if you’re throwing one in Lincoln. Here are our favorite outdoor wedding tips.

Nebraska Does Country Weddings Right

Valparaiso’s St. Mary and Joseph’s Church made the perfect backdrop for Hilary and Travis as they tied the knot on October 10th, 2020. Hilary wore a traditional white wedding dress and veil. Travis sported a cowboy hat, jeans, a white suit jacket, and boots. The bridesmaids looked stunning in burgundy and gold and the groomsmen matched Travis with their own cowboy hats, suit jackets, and boots.

Nebraska Does Country Weddings Right

Following the nuptials, the wedding party boarded a hayrack for some good conversation and adult beverages. A few hours later the group joined their family and friends at Czechland Lake to dance the night away under the stars on a beautiful fall evening only rural Nebraska can deliver.

Complete Weddings + Events was honored to provide the photography and DJ for Travis and Hilary’s wedding day and we wish them both many happy years together!


Micro Weddings in Lincoln Ideas – How to Plan & Where to Start

Considering having micro weddings in Lincoln? These smaller events are not only a cost-saving alternative to a traditional wedding with 150+ guests, but they’re an intimate affair that can be as unique as you and your partner. Since they are on a smaller scale, there are more options for locations, catering, seating, and activities that can’t easily be recreated at a large Lincoln event. 


What are Micro Weddings in Lincoln?

Imagine a normal Lincoln wedding celebration, just on a way smaller scale. Micro weddings most still have a ceremony and reception with dinner, decor, cake, and entertainment. The event is typically 40 people or less, with the majority of micro weddings in the range of 15 to 25 guests. A smaller guest list means less seating, centerpieces, linens, food, and the list goes on. According to The Knot’s 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding last year cost over $33,000, when a micro wedding can be achieved under $10,000. Talk about major savings!


But a smaller wedding doesn’t mean a micro wedding can’t be lavish. While the guestlist for micro weddings is limited, this doesn’t necessarily mean the couple is throwing a frugal, thrifty wedding. Micro weddings allow a couple to bring their true wedding day vision to life with more budget for anything they can dream up! If you’re looking to splurge on a unique venue, a customized catered meal, or lavish decor, you can still save money in the end when the guest list is limited. Micro weddings give your budget more freedom to splurge on something you simply could not fathom providing for 300 people.

First Steps in Micro Wedding Planning

Similar to planning a standard wedding, the first steps in micro wedding planning is to think about your ideal timeframe and solidify a venue. The biggest difference here is that micro weddings allow for many more event location options, inside or outside. From the stage of theatre to a shady spot in your best friend’s backyard, micro weddings don’t have to be confined to a standard wedding venue. Understanding the estimated number of guests and your vision for the day (urban, bohemian, formal, garden, ethereal, modern tropical, rustic, etc.) will help guide you on what type of location to be looking for.

Lincoln Micro Wedding Services


When throwing a micro wedding, we still suggest hiring a photographer to capture your unique day. Quality photos of you and your spouse are a must! Time and effort were put into every detail of the day, plus your favorite people in the entire world will all be together! You’ll want all this captured to look back on for years to come!


Whether you want a dance-off to emerge or an evening of sing-a-long tunes around the fire pit, music helps bring your space to life! Set the atmosphere with music from when guests arrive at the final slow dance of the evening. Hire a DJ to make announcements, provide microphones for any speeches, and to create the soundtrack to the day of your dreams. 


With a small guest list, many individuals you enjoy simply won’t be able to make the slim list. Choosing videography for a micro wedding is a great option to be able to share the day with extended family members, coworkers, high school friends, your gym buddy, your mom’s hair stylist, and all those who wish they could have made the tiny invite list.


Take the stress out of hiring multiple vendors by choosing a vendor who can cater multiple services for your day. Complete Weddings + Events offers budget-friendly packages on photography, DJ and videography perfect for a micro wedding! Having a photographer, DJ, and videographer who work well together is something you won’t take for granted!

Contact Complete Weddings + Events if you’re interested in your own micro wedding in Lincoln!

Winter Weddings in Lincoln

The winter season brings us fond scenes of sipping hot chocolate by the fire, cozy snuggle sessions, family get-togethers, and holiday parties. While it’s a busy time of the year, there’s something amazing about it, and throwing a winter wedding should not be overlooked. Yes, it’s tricky to add another family get-together around the holiday season, but if this magical season inspires you, we encourage you to go for it! 

Choosing Winter Weddings in Lincoln Date

Trying to avoid every Friendsgiving, secret Santa, and holiday party is nearly impossible. Focus on what you and your fiance want and ideally what accommodates your closest immediate family and wedding party members. If your family is typically already all together for a holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, then it might actually be easier for them to travel in and attend multiple occasions.

New Year’s Eve Weddings

New Year’s Eve is typically a popular wedding date, but let’s face it, throwing an amazing celebration to close out the year and ring in a new one is super exciting. This unique holiday makes for a memorable wedding, but be sure to reserve your location, hotel block and vendors as soon as possible. With so many parties that day, private or public, availability may be limiting your options on choosing the exact vendors you’d like. 

Winter Weddings in Lincoln

The couples who chose this magical time of year to have their wedding in Lincoln lucked out, and we have the photos to prove it! From elegance in white, winter wonderlands, and bold red palettes, these winter wedding photos embody the beauty of a winter celebration. It’s not just the fur coat; our hearts are warmed when reviewing our favorites from our Complete Weddings + Events photographers this past season. Enjoy!

Complete Weddings + Events, Lincoln’s leading provider of event and wedding photographyvideographylightingDJ services & photo booth rental.

“Little” Black Dress

Even though the holidays are over, our sneak peeks from amazing shoots are not! This past December, we had the opportunity to shoot a gorgeous holiday-themed wedding for Bridgett and Joe!

“Little” Black Dress was the main theme for the bridal party. The bridesmaids wore black and red plaid scarves around their necks while holding bouquets decorated with holiday garnish. The groomsmen sported black tuxes with red pocket squares along with holiday-themed boutonnieres.

To top it all off, Bridgett sported a gorgeous, black wedding dress. This dress had an open back with intricate lace detailing. We can all say the bride was stunning on her big day! Her groom, Joe, wore a white tux with a black undershirt to tie the entire look together.

Enjoy our sneak peek of this couple’s big day from our wedding photographer, Jenny Gegg!

Choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring

Engagement and wedding ring bands represent a commitment to your partner and a constant reminder of your love story. For many people, a wedding ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry they’ll ever own. It’s also one they’ll wear daily, so it’s important to get right! It’s no wonder that it’s become more common to choose your own ring style rather than leaving it up to your partner to decide. While some couples may still go the traditional route, increasingly the ring-wearers are playing an active role in the selection process.


Choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring

Before you decide on where you’ll make the big purchase, how much you’ll spend, or whether you want a vintage ring, take some time to understand the different styles and designs available. Once you have a sense of what best fits your personality and lifestyle, you can begin shopping. Some local engagement and wedding ring jewelry stores in Omaha include Borsheim’s, Greenburg’s, and Kay’s! First, we have aspects to review before making a choice on something you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life!


Know the Cuts

As you begin window shopping for the perfect ring, start by comparing the different gemstone cuts that show up most frequently for engagement rings. Emerald, oval, heart, pear, cushion, marquise, round – the options may seem overwhelming at first! Ultimately, though, the choice comes down to aesthetic preferences. Don’t get caught too caught up in classifications when first browsing. Instead, pay attention to how a particular shape makes you feel. If you find yourself gravitating to one shape over another, consider why it appeals to you. Finding a shape that speaks to you can help you narrow the field of options.

The most popular cut, round, has the most sparkle and is easiest to find in jewelry shops in Omaha. Princess-cut stones are also popular, especially when placed in a round or geometric setting. Marquise and pear-shaped stones can help fingers look longer and leaner. Cushion cuts are ideal for a vintage look, whereas emerald and Asscher-cut rings offer a more elegant, sophisticated aesthetic

Tradition – With a Twist

While diamonds have been the go-to gemstone for engagement rings for decades, they weren’t always the favorite option. In the Victorian era, sapphires were in vogue for young engaged couples, leading to the proliferation of sapphire engagement rings currently available in the vintage market. The ancient Romans believed the opal was the most powerful stone of all and used them frequently in engagement rings, armor, and even weapons.

If you have your heart set on a diamond, none of these stones may interest you. They’ve been incredibly popular since their discovery in India more than 6,000 years ago for good reason! Many modern brides and grooms, though, are rethinking the traditional choice and opting for other precious gems instead. Whether the history, symbolism, color or degree of sparkle matters most to you, be sure to choose one that reflects your taste, not the trends. After all, you’re the one who will see your ring each day!

If you decide to opt for an unconventional engagement ring, do your homework before buying. Some stones, while beautiful, are incredibly fragile. You’ll want to choose something that can hold up to daily life. Pearls, amethysts, and moonstones, for instance, may scratch when you’re washing dishes or closing a car door. There’s a reason why diamonds have persisted as the most popular choice through the decades: they’re the hardest precious gemstone around.

The Right Ring for Your Lifestyle

Finding the perfect ring isn’t so different from finding your soulmate. While an initial attraction can be a good sign, it’s worth considering how your ring will fit into your lifestyle. Those who do a lot of work with their hands, for instance, may not want a large stone catching on the materials they’re handling. By staying mindful of the pros and cons of a particular style, you’ll be sure to find the ideal engagement ring for your lifestyle.

Shopping for engagement rings can be thrilling. It’s the first step in an exciting series of events that will ultimately lead to your happily ever after! Be sure to capture that special moment to cherish for years to come with the help of our stellar videographers. No matter what your road to the altar looks like, Complete Weddings + Events is here to help make the journey go off without a hitch. Get in touch now to make sure your special moments happen precisely how you imagine. We love bringing your dreams to life!

Complete Wedding + Events Lincoln, NE

Complete Weddings + Events is here to help you plan the perfect event. Our event consultants are standing by to answer all these questions and more as you choose the Lincoln DJ perfect for you. Contact us to chat more about our other options too. We can help you plan your photography, videography, and even fun photo booth rental for the event of the year.


Bridal Suite Must-Have Photos

Getting ready for your big day can bring a lot of emotions. It can go by in a blur and these moments are ones you want to remember. Between putting on your dress and applying your makeup, these moments are picture-perfect. Here at Lincoln Complete, our photographers spend the entire day with you, making sure to capture those picture-perfect moments to make memories that last a lifetime.

Here’s our favorite Bridal Suite Must-Have Photos to capture those gorgeous pictures so you can look back at them and see you prepare for one of the happiest days of your life.

Rep Your Favorite Team on Your Wedding Day

No matter what team is your favorite, know that you can show your fan love on your big day, or through your engagement photos. Here in Lincoln, we all love the Huskers and a few of our brides and grooms have shown their love for the Big Red on their special days.

Ryanna and Wyatt became creative from their engagement photos all the way to their big day. Grab your favorite sports shirt and gear up like they did to have those memorable photos of your fave team. Or, feel free to grab your wedding party and begin posing in front of your local sports stadium, like Memorial Stadium here in Lincoln.

Another great way to show your fan love can be with your partners like Cynthia and Matt. Take those couple photos right in front of your local stadium.

Catch a glimpse of how these couples posed repping their favorite team and check out our team of photographers that can take pictures like these on your special day.


Top Wedding Dance Floor Songs

We compiled the top songs from our wedding DJs to make the ultimate dance floor playlist. Your DJ should customize a playlist, sometimes on the spot, to what you and your guests are enjoying that night, but it’s definitely a great idea to be prepared with a few must-play songs. These must-play songs are the tunes that give you and your crew the best vibes or a song you and your partner have a special connection with.

Maybe the bridesmaids know every word to a Fergie song, or you and your bae have a silly dance to a certain One Direction song. Either way, spill the tea and share these special songs with your DJ! Your Lincoln DJ will be able to help you with more recommendations based on your tastes and the songs that you enjoy the most.

Our complete playlist of Top Wedding Dance Floor Songs includes oldies like “Play That Funky Music” to songs from this decade like “#SELFIE” to help you find your must-play songs, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites below. 

Our Top 10 Wedding Dance Floor Songs

Our team has skimmed done the complete Spotify playlist to our top 10 songs that wedding guests in Pennsylvania have been loving!

Find the complete playlist of wedding dance floor songs on Spotify here. Review these top songs to find the must-plays that speak to you for your event. Then contact us to reserve a DJ for an event to allow your dream soundtrack to come to life. We can’t wait to see what songs you choose on our online event planner to create the best dance floor for you!

Cynthia + Matt Wedding Sneak Peak

Time to enjoy some wedding picture inspo from Cynthia and Matt after they tied the knot at St. John’s Catholic Church and held their reception at Havelock Social Hall in Lincoln, NE.

Cynthia’s gorgeous dress has intricate lace detailing with a sweetheart neckline that comes together for a mermaid-like fit. Not to forget her bridesmaids wore matching glittery golden gowns that paired well with the brides’ dress.

Matt was stylish with his navy blue suit paired with a baby pink pocket square to finish off the look.

The couple’s special day was filled with fun as they got ready and began their life adventure together. Here’s a special look at the couple’s big day.

Photographer: Jennifer Heywood