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Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were little or the notion never popped into your head till you heard the words “will you marry me”, one of the first things a bride thinks about is buying her wedding dress. There seems to be a lot of pressure to pick out the perfect one. With TV shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” the hype of the search is a bit overwhelming.  Finding the one you will love, your fiancé will love, the one that will make you feel like a bride should not be a daunting task.

I personally tried on what felt like a hundred dresses and even after I found “the one”, I would find myself second-guessing and even trying on more. It didn’t help that I worked right next to a dress shop and love all things wedding. 😊 I never had that emotional attachment to my dress while shopping for it, but after I wore it on the big day, I knew there was not another dress for the occasion.

So, my number one advice would be is to not put too much pressure on the shopping experience. If you do not have this overwhelming emotional reaction it doesn’t mean it isn’t the one. I encourage you to try on the whole ensemble with the veil, jewelry, and with your hair and make-up done before truly making your decision.  I do believe you will know when the right one is staring you back in the mirror!

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10 Things to consider when buying Wedding Dresses for your Kansas Wedding

  1. Set a Budget- Know exactly what your top end is and do not be afraid to spend less…the price tag doesn’t always make it a better dress.
  2. Do your homework in advance- Research your dress shops. Read reviews about other bride’s experiences and get to know more about how your shopping experience will go with each shop. With that said also do some searching on what type of dress will work best with your theme or location. For example, choosing a heavy ballgown would not be ideal for your beach wedding.
  3. Each bride’s journey to finding her dress is unique- Do not compare your experience with others or TV shows😊. Your emotions may be completely different and that is ok.
  4. Choose your shopping crew wisely- Bringing too many opinionated people will not help you make your decision. You want an honest opinion, but you also need to be able to express your needs and wants and have those in your corner that will respect and listen to you.
  5. Allow yourself ample time to get your dress- Do not wait! It is ideal to find your dress at least a year to 9 months out especially if you know you will need to do alterations.
  6. Be willing to commit- Committing to a dress is hard. For me, it meant the search was over and I was having so much fun. I was an indecisive bride, but I believe you truly will know when you have found the one and try not second guess your decision.
  7. Be open-minded- If you do not find “the one” at the first shop you go to that is ok. If you do find “the one” after just the first dress, you tried on that is ok too.
  8. Focus on fit not size- Many brides need alterations on their dresses. Finding a shop that has a variety of sizes on hand and could help you envision what it will look like on your body type is important.
  9. Factor in extra costs- Alterations can be a game-changer on the initial price so be sure you are upfront with your needs so that the dress shop can take those into account when selecting your dresses to try on. Be sure to also add in the cost of accessories like the veil, slip, specialty bra, shoes, and jewelry.
  10. Try on a few things out of your comfort zone- Never thought you would like the ballgown or the mermaid style…try it on anyways. You might be presently surprised when you step outside of your comfort zone.