Unique Ceremony Seating Alternatives

Not keen on the traditional seating arrangements for your wedding ceremony? If this is how you feel, believe us, you’re not the only one. Many couples are looking for modern seating alternatives to make their event authentic and memorable. You do not have to go for a conventional reception seating chart because we have several options to make your iconic day stand out from the crowd. Here are some options you can consider and have a celebration remembered by all of your guests! 

Autumn Wedding Inspiration in Kansas

Perhaps we’ve been scorned one too many times sitting through a ceremony in the scorching heat, or maybe we’re leaving the summer season for bachelor and bachelorette parties and other travel festivities. Overall, it is clear the fall season has sky-rocketed to become the most popular time to host a wedding. October has been at the top since 2016 when it surpassed June as the most popular wedding month (then tied with September).

More and more couples have also opted to host their wedding ceremony outdoors in recent years. The autumn months bring many benefits to this such as the temperate weather and beautiful foliage. The busy wedding season has shifted later in the year, and these real weddings below display the season beautifully giving further proof that autumn is arguably the most beautiful season to host a wedding in Manhattan, KS.

How to Include Children At Your Wedding

For every bride and groom who coo over kids at weddings, there’s another couple that’s nervous kids might disrupt parts of their big day. We’d like to ease the stress of the latter by providing a list of ways how to include kids at your wedding. Not only will our suggestions keep kids well-behaved, but entertained as well during your big day.

Fun Reception Activities That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

Your wedding reception is a fun time to celebrate! It’s a great way for your guests to get to know each other and celebrate your love, but how do you keep your guests from getting bored and leaving early? We have put together a list of the most fun and interactive activities to play during your reception that will keep your wedding guests entertained!

Do Good Together 2022

Complete Weddings + Events has worked in partnership with Global Partners in Hope since 2013 for the Do Good Together initiative. The campaign helps build clean water wells and health centers that provide basic needs to individuals in developing areas in West Africa. Last year alone, Complete Weddings + Events raised $54,000 with the help of Complete staff, customers, and wedding industry partners. This year, we’re raising the bar, and extending our typical one-month donation period to two months to help us reach our biggest goal yet: $100,000 in one year!

How to Choose Between an Outdoor vs. Indoor Wedding

One of the first decisions you will make after getting engaged is choosing an event venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. One of the first roadblocks you will encounter is choosing between an outdoor wedding venue or an indoor wedding venue. Some couples prefer the fresh air and natural beauty of the outdoors, while others enjoy the comfort and adaptability of an indoor location. Both options can be done, but here are a few things to consider when making your choice!

Hannah & Henrik’s Wedding at Prairiewood Retreat & Reserve

Congratulations to Hannah and Henrik. This lovely couple got married on June 18th, 2022 at Prairiewood Retreat & Preserve. Prairiewood Retreat & Reserve is located in the native tallgrass prairie of the Flint Hills and a mile west of Manhattan, KS. The immense beauty and abundance of amenities and features make it the premier wedding destination in Kansas.

First Look Or No First Look… That Is The Question

As your big day approaches, you’re probably wondering whether you want to have a first look with your soon-to-be spouse or whether you want to wait until you walk down the aisle for your big reveal. We want to help you decide which option is best for you by outlining a few pros and cons.

Wedding Duties For A Non-Planner

When it comes to wedding planning, there are usually two kinds of planners in a relationship. The one that plans everything, and the one that waits to get told what to do. Each comes with its own pros and cons. We have some tips on wedding duties for the non-planner to get them to pick up their slack!

Molly & Braden’s Wedding at The KSU Alumni Center

March 26, 2022, marked Molly & Braden’s special day when they tied the knot at All Faiths/Danforth Chapel & The KSU Alumni Center. The All Faiths/Danforth Chapel is a popular wedding venue for Manhattan residents and Kansas State students. Its unique architecture and charm make it the perfect venue for your gatherings. Both chapels were built in honor of those who lost their lives in World War II and the Korean War. The Chapel Auditorium is the primary recital hall for the Kansas State School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. It seats 511 people and houses a 40-rank pipe organ from 1961 which allows for beautiful music during your ceremony.

The K-State Alumni Center is located a half-mile away from the Chapel. The venue offers meeting and banquet facilities for the community members and the university. The venue offers a variety of extravagant rooms and professional staff to help execute your event. Molly and Braden utilized the First Floor and Banquet Room for their reception which has an occupancy of around 750 people.