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“Visual imagery has always been my passion.  I started taking photos when I was handed a Polaroid camera at age seven.  From there it was a growing addiction, and I started experimenting with video when I was ten.  I want to articulate a message through creative cinematic imagery, whether it be through editorial or documentary styles.  Wedding Cinematography became a passion of mine when I realized I can depict a bride and groom’s wedding day story, visually and emotionally, with the same principles and techniques as a cinematic film production – only with a wedding it’s different.  It is a real event with real people.  It is a real time love story.  It is not scripted nor staged.  Wedding films are a genuine creative extension of the human emotions and love that exists between a couple, a family, and a group of cherished friends.  It brings me joy, as a cinematographer, to successfully capture and amplify those emotions through cinematic imagery.  I love what I do and I would love to work with you on one of the most important days of your lives.”

COMPLETE Videographer of the Year 2018


Our videographer, Tristan, did an amazing job with our wedding and reception! There are so many beautiful and creative shots, and he really captured the many emotions of the day. The photos were wonderful, but it is so much fun reliving the crazy and incredible day we had through this video and seeing all of us in action. Tristan was always at the right place at the right time, and we were happy to follow his direction when he said he had some special shots in mind because of the setting we were in, and the light. I get emotional every time I see the video he created for us. Thanks, Tristan, for a great experience and a beautiful video.”    Angela

Tristan, our video is AWESOME! Thank you for a wonderful keepsake of our most special day!”  Jennifer


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