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Garter Toss and Bouquet Toss Songs

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We’ve all heard of the infamous Garter and bouquet toss. This means you’ve probably heard the same songs played over and over again. The Bouquet toss is known for playing Girls just want to have fun by Pat Benatar, or Single Ladies by Beyonce etc. If you’ve seen a Garter toss you already know the types of songs that are played during that segment of the wedding. Considering the Garter toss and Bouquet toss will be a tradition that will continue to be a part of many peoples weddings, I wanted to share some new songs to be played during that time!

Wedding Contingency Plans

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Planning the perfect day is exciting, rewarding, and an overall fun experience. The one thing that is NOT FUN is rain, snow, and unexpected hiccups in the plan! Picture this, you have planned a beautiful wedding and the weather decides not to cooperate. What is your backup plan? There are many different ways to go about planning backup plans. Here are few tips to consider when creating Wedding Contingency Plans!

The most effective way to create a contingency plan is to find out all the possible outcomes of a wedding. Check the forecast for weather, make sure that the weather is not too hot and not too cold! I know for a fact that you do not want to be standing up for your ceremony in front of everyone in 95-degree heat. You don’t want that, and your guests certainly don’t want that. 


What to Wear for Engagement Photos

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Are you struggling with finding out what to wear for your engagement session? This thought is what most brides encounter when thinking about their engagement shoot! Many questions race through your mind regarding the weather, location, and overall vision! If you could imagine your dream engagement photos, how would they turn out? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to pick out the perfect outfit for you and your Fiancè.

Wedding Reception Games

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When thinking about weddings, what is one thing that you look forward to the most? This typically includes dancing, toasts, and drinks! This list goes on, but there are several reasons to be excited when attending a wedding! Games at weddings are an up-and-coming trend that EVERYONE should be excited about! Complete Weddings + Events DJs can incorporate all types of games and icebreakers. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Read on for all of the different types of wedding reception games, icebreakers, and interactive activities to expect in upcoming wedding seasons!

What is National Wedding Planning Day?

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The Knot created this holiday to celebrate the start of the wedding planning process for engaged couples. How did Complete celebrate? By providing great tips for wedding planning couples, of course!! Dive into the great thoughts we put together and be sure to check out the podcasts and panel discussion. We cover each of the services Complete Weddings + Events Indianapolis offers, and how they fit into a well-planned, awesome wedding.

Check out the our panel of experts:

How to Ensure Comfortability for your Wedding Guests

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If you were to ask a bride, “what are your concerns regarding your wedding?”. I can guarantee that 80% of brides would say something along the lines of, “I just want my guests to be on the dance floor” or “I just want my guests to have a great time!” These are all valid concerns! When thinking about who to invite, there are several important people going through the couples mind! Who to invite? Who can I invite per my budget? Where should I seat everyone? Couples spend a lot of money making sure every detail is aligned with their vision of a perfect day! Here are ways couples can How to Ensure Comfortability for their Wedding Guests in Indianapolis, and in return, set their wedding up for success.

Wedding Planning 101 & Planning Regrets

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Planning a wedding can be mentally and physically exhausting. Not to mention the wedding checklist could be as long as a CVS receipt!!! For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, CVS receipts are known for being outrageously long. This is why finding a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs is so important! Make it easy on yourself and trust the wedding professionals! Here is more on Wedding Planning Regrets in Indianapolis. 

The Infamous First Look

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As we inch closer to wedding season, it’s time to start talking about special photos! More specifically, we’re diving a little deeper into the infamous photo called the First Look. There are several ways of capturing a good first look, and these photos turn out to be some of the best photos that display raw authentic emotion on your wedding day. I’ll let a couple of of these photos speak for themselves to show you what I mean.

2021 Wedding Music Trends • Processional, Entrance & First Dance Music

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What are the wedding music trends for 2021? Due to the ups and downs of this past year, we have experienced a lot of downtime, more than we are used to. This has created new opportunities to explore new hobbies, listen to new music, and take a step away from the real world. Certain songs have the ability to create emotion and while planning a wedding, you want to have a set playlist for your favorite songs. These songs create emotional ties between you and your loved ones. These are the songs that you want at your wedding! The songs that make you cry, laugh, dance, and enjoy the evening! Here are a few 2021 wedding music trends you may have forgotten about!

Wedding Registry 101

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Getting married has some pretty cool perks! There are traditions in weddings that are almost universal amongst couples. What traditions? You might ask. Well, the wedding registry would be a universal term for most weddings! Creating a wedding registry can be overwhelming, there are SO many different opportunities and roads you can take when deciding what will be listed on your registry. So, let me tell you a few ways to make that list easier for you to narrow down.