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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives that Your Guests Will Love!

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives that Your Guests Will Love!


The wedding guest book is a timeless tradition. Lately, couples have been getting extremely creative with their choices of a guest book. Even having it being an actual book is only optional! The wedding guest book is a way for every guest to offer congratulations and maybe a short note to the newlyweds. The couple can then see all of their friend’s and families’ names and the warm thoughts they had written. While a traditional guest book is already a wonderful memento, many of these new, creative ideas turn it into a truly unique keepsake. We have got several ideas for inspiration when choosing what type of wedding guest book alternatives you’ll use for your big day!

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives that Your Guests Will Love!

Photo Album

Everyone getting married will tell you, you take A LOT of pictures. Engagement photos, bridal portraits, there is a long list. With all of these photos, many couples are getting an album made that they then use as a guest book. The guests sign the space around the pictures and leave messages. Some couples even leave every other page or certain pages blank for guests specifically to sign. This is a great way to add just a little flair while keeping with tradition.

Single Picture/Print

Another popular guest book alternative is having a large displayed picture of the couple that guests can sign as they enter. There is generally an area around the picture for signatures and comments or sometimes guests will sign the print itself. This gives the bride and grooms a unique keepsake that they can hang in their house to display that serves as more than just a guest book but also a piece of art ( one of the trends on this list). There are many different types of canvas that can be used also to make this one an even more unique option such as metal prints, wood prints, or more!

Signs or Other Artwork/Objects

The possibilities are literally almost endless on things you can do in this category! Potentially a large wooden letter of your new last initial, your last name as a wooden sign, or some kind of print with your name on it similar to the single picture above. We have even seen couples do something as simple as having a menu or copy of the menu from the restaurant they went on their first date that guests then signed. If both of the newlyweds are athletes or huge sports fans we have seen bats, bases, gloves, balls, or other objects for guests to sign. We’ve especially seen in this category many trees where guests will sign the leaves, or use their fingerprints to make the leaves. This is one of the ways you can truly make your wedding unique to YOU!

Shadow Boxes

If you have been to a wedding recently, you’ve probably seen a shadow box guestbook recently! These are such an amazing way to display things and you can either buy one or make one in all kinds of shapes and colors to really make it represent you. You can also fill it with whatever you want! One of the most popular options is small wooden or plastic hearts. You can keep it simple with just small discs or shapes or have things like wine corks for guests to sign that they can then put into the shadow box.

Photo Booth Album

Photo booths have been a staple at weddings and events for a while now and they are not only an awesome addition for your guests’ entertainment, but you can also be a fun way to have guests sign your guest book! Our photo booths come with a scrapbook for every event and unlimited prints! Everyone in the picture will get a copy and we will print an extra copy to include in the photo album that guests can then sign! It’s an amazing way for you to not only see who all was there when you look back, but you can see all the fun everyone had!

Keep It YOU!

Whatever idea you choose for your wedding guest book, try to give it your flair! Like we said before, the possibilities are almost endless. If you and your fiance like to garden, maybe have a bunch of small rocks for guests to sign that you can then place throughout your garden! The best ideas have room enough for not only your guests’ names but also maybe a short sweet message! Keep that in mind if you are having a large guest list so you’re not trying to fit 300 names on one football! Your guests will love the personal touches that you add and when you look back on your amazing wedding day you will have a unique keepsake to remind you of the amazing time!

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