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Gift Etiquette for a Cancelled or Postponed Wedding

Gift Etiquette for a Cancelled or Postponed Wedding


If you’re a couple who has had to cancel or postpone your wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, probably one of the last things on your mind right now is wedding gifts. Planning a wedding was already stressful enough. Thankfully, brides have some options. Many have been either pushing their date back to the next year, having a micro wedding or intimate gathering on their original date (sometimes including a larger reception at a later date), or canceling their planned weddings altogether. We have seen lots of courthouse and intimate backyard weddings. No matter what decision you make, some questions that have been asked a lot lately are about gifts. Whether you’re that couple or a just guest for an upcoming wedding. We have got everything you need to know about getting or receiving that wedding gift!

Gift Etiquette for a Cancelled or Postponed Wedding

As a Guest

If you’re attending a wedding that got postponed, you might be wondering “Do I still need to get them a wedding gift?” First of all, if the wedding is just postponed to a later date, the answer is most certainly “Yes.” You just have a longer time to get it. What if the couple has opted for a smaller ceremony and the guest list was limited to only immediate family/friends? You should still consider getting a gift.  They would probably much rather be able to celebrate with all of their invited guests and it is just a kind gesture! If the wedding is cancelled altogether but the couple is still getting married, you should also get them a gift! The wedding gift is to help the newlyweds starting their lives together. That is still happening with or without the physical wedding.

Another good idea is to get the couple a little gift around their original wedding day to let them know you’re thinking of them. It could be something small like cookies, a gift card to a restaurant, a bottle of wine, or even just some flowers. Anything that says I’m sorry you’re original plans got cancelled. They will definitely remember that and to some, that can mean more than an expensive gift.

As a Couple Getting Married

If you’ve been put in the unfortunate situation of having to postpone your wedding, you shouldn’t take down your registry. As we said earlier, if you’re still getting married, then guests should still be expecting to buy a gift. Also if you’ve already received some wedding gifts, you don’t need to return them. You should definitely be sure to write a proper thank-you note though! If you have received cash gifts you also do not have to return that. Or you have a honeymoon fund and still plan on going on the trip, you should continue as usual. If you’re having to cancel the honeymoon, you should think about offering the money back to guests. We’d bet most will insist that you keep it.

If a guest goes so far as to ask for a cash gift back, we’d suggest just giving it back and keeping documentation. With the pandemic going on, many people may be struggling or out of work and if someone is asking for that gift back they are probably in a bad situation. It is best to just give the gift back to help the guest with any troubles.

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