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Hi there! I’m Nameer Akhtar, a professional photographer proudly working with the fantastic Complete Weddings + Events team. With over 5 years of photography experience, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless weddings and events, as well as exploring various photography genres.

My ultimate goal is to make newlyweds and first-time clients feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident that their event will be captured to perfection. As a laid-back person, I’m open to ideas from all parties and thrive on bringing your vision to life. I’m a big fan of anime and superheroes, so if you share those interests, we’ll have even more fun together!

My photography journey has taken me from event photography to portrait photography, igniting my passion for fashion photography along the way. Today, I work with clients and start-up models on unique photoshoots, while also covering all aspects of commercial photography, such as weddings, corporate events, Comic Cons, portfolios, couple shoots, studio work, and food photography.

Thank you for considering me as your photographer, and I look forward to capturing your special moments.

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