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Photography Tips for Brides


Imagine this: roughly 25 years from now, you and your spouse are sitting on your porch swing, watching as the sun slowly sets beneath the skyline. As you lean your shoulder on theirs  you whisper “remember how pretty the flowers were at our wedding?”

Well… if you think to yourself “that’s not what I would be thinking” you are correct. If we’re being honest, 25 years from now, you probably won’t give a damn about what flowers you had that day. You also won’t rush out to buy each other a bouquet from your wedding.. you’ll be reaching for the photo album.

Wedding photographer Grand Forks know this. We take our job seriously and make sure to capture every single detail of your day!

1. Trust them

When looking for Wedding photographer Grand Forks the biggest thing you can do is trust them. You choose them for a reason so trust your judgement.

Obviously, if you have something of  particular importance, a sentimental or unique idea that you’d like (like maybe a funny pose that is tradition or a special place) then be sure to let them know, just make sure you don’t give them a completely itemized list of every single shot you want. Our wedding photographer Grand forks are at their best when allowed to be creative. This will help them enjoy the day more and will result in a better end product.

2. Your wedding is about you. Do what you want.

Rules are made to be broken. Don’t feel constrained by tradition, or allow yourself to be pushed around by your wedding planner/mother/auntie etc. Do what you want on your wedding day.

A perfect example is where you stand during the ceremony. Why stand either side of the celebrant? Why not stand off to the side? You might be breaking with tradition, but now you won’t have the officiant in all your photos – better yet, he or she won’t be grinning in the background when you kiss.

Another example are bridal parties. They can be fun, and you may feel obligated to have them, but they’re not essential, and from a photographer’s point of view, they can be difficult to manage. It’s one thing to take the bride and groom away to get some photos, it’s entirely another to manage a ten-person bridal party, particularly when you have a few locations in mind for photos and there’s champagne involved. And they can be expensive.

If you do choose to have a bridal party, allow some time away from them with just your photographer. Grooms can feel embarrassed when they’re being intimate with their partner and their friends are watching on. As a photographer, there’s nothing worse than trying to get that magic, romantic warmth from a couple when the best man is heckling the groom, for example. Or taking well-meaning advice and suggestions from the bridesmaids while you’re trying to get the photos you’ve spent days planning.

3. Choose unique lodging

Couples that opt to have an overnight stay at a hotel on the eve of their wedding should consider upgrading their accommodations to lodgings with personality. Because conventional hotel rooms are designed to appeal to the greatest number of people, they strictly adhere to the same set of uninspiring interior design and layout tropes, and this bleeds into your photographs. Most couples understand the importance of selecting a unique venue for their reception, but often overlook the importance a distinctly beautiful location contributes to preparation photography.

I recommend quaint B&Bs, boutique hotels, or renting a house with character.  The best part is you don’t have to splurge because some B&Bs offer lower prices than mid-market hotels. Furthermore, their unique layouts and diverse designs will pay dividends doubling as vibrant backdrops for your wedding photography

4. Light is Everything.

Light can make or break your wedding photos, so it’s important to try to plan your wedding to give your photographer the good stuff. Late in the day is best for your wedding photos, specifically the hour before sunset. Try not to plan your photos in the middle of the day, or early afternoon. Unless it’s overcast, you’re asking for trouble. Strong sunlight = harsh shadows.

Additionally, if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, consider the sun. An early ceremony in dappled light is a killer. It’s very hard to fix up a patch of shadow on your face, and walking from sunlight to shadow as you walk down the aisle is a very tricky scenario for any photographer to manage.

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