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Of all my experience behind the camera, nothing is as satisfying as capturing a couple’s special day in a way that they can cherish and enjoy for decades to come. A film is more than just pretty images strung together, and I aim to capture the emotional tone of the day while telling a story that you, your family, and your friends will love.

Whether you’re having a small or large wedding indoors or outdoors, I have the experience, equipment, and know-how to deliver a cinematic video that will be just as memorable as the day itself.

Matt Wedding Videographer

The first rule I learned about Videography was a simple phrase my teacher would often preach: “Do anything for the shot.”  I learned many years later that if I always approach my craft by the lesson he gave I would always be able to capture the most important memories life could offer through my camera lenses.

I became a wedding videographer with Complete to capture the one event that lasts a lifetime. In my heart and on my mind forever is the enchanted evening when my wife and I formed our union. That night all the colors stood out, the brilliance in her white dress contrasted perfectly off the marble floors of the banquet hall, gorgeous ornaments tip toed on the surface of every table, and had a guests glass run empty it would have been instantaneously filled with emotion felt in the air around us. I will never forget that night.

A wedding isn’t just an event, it’s a ceremony, a ritual, and it has depth beyond what someone can simplify. A wedding is something to be viewed with poised eyes and to be heard with clairvoyance. I interpret weddings as ballads introducing a poetic journey. This is why I am honored to be the eyes and ears that will capture the moments that will encapsulate a visual interpretation of this awesome new beginning you’ll seize to forget.

Lastly, you can count on me to do anything for the shot; every shot.


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