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How to Write Wedding Vows: Where Do I Start?


It all begins with the commitment of your shared life through the contract of wedding vows. Traditional wedding vows express how the bride and groom plan to navigate this new path of life together hand in hand. This sacred promise is not only an expression of your depth of love but serves as a lifetime pledge that strengthens your bond of trust. This is the moment of your wedding ceremony where you speak your heart out to your partner.

How to Write Wedding Vows: Where Do I Start?

Writing your wedding vows can be extremely overwhelming. It is a tremendous task, to sum up, your emotions for your beloved partner in a few minutes. These meaningful words allow you to express your love, dreams, and promises by pouring your heart out in words. So, keep on reading to discover tips to write the vows for your destination wedding ceremony.

Collect Your Thoughts

Before writing your wedding vows, begin by recollecting your thoughts. Jot down all of your emotions and thoughts regarding your partner and marriage. Recall your love story and pen down all the positive points of your relationship and what you love about your spouse. Surround yourself with lovely memories and highlight your favorite points in the notes.

Pick Your Favorite Anecdote

Laughter and smiles are key to serve you well throughout your marriage. What better way to begin your new journey than with fun-loving memories of your relationship. So go after laughter with sweet, short anecdotes from your love story to bring your emotions to life. A personal story will give an insight to your guests into your intimate connection with your beloved partner. A destination wedding with humor sounds perfect!

Lay Out Your Promises

Vows are in general promises made to your spouse during the wedding ceremony. So, insert a list of promises and embrace sentimentality to express your emotions. Mention the specific ways you will choose to express your love; romantically or funnily such as “I promise to take care of you in whatever comes our way and to love you this much for the rest of my life.” Here is another sample of what loving promises you can add to your wedding vows, “I promise to be faithful and supportive and to always make our family’s love and happiness my priority. I will be yours in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph. I will dream with you, celebrate with you, and walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring.”

Practice Out Loud

Practice reading your vows out loud all the while keeping it a secret from your fiancé. Reading your vows will help you in the editing process and make sure the transition between sentences falls perfectly. Moreover, it helps to calm your anxiety, especially if you’re not a public speaker and if this is your first time. Practice in front of a mirror or ask a trusted friend to listen. This will give you honest criticism and help to improve your wedding vows so that your love and passion get across perfectly. A destination wedding becomes extra special with practiced vows!

Keep It Simple And Short

Keep your wedding vows short, and sweet. Your intentions can get lost within long vows and the length of time. So, keep your vows focused and concise without the risk of any rambling. Your vows should be a maximum of 2-3 minutes. Make sure your wedding vows message is easy to get across and gives a light, relaxed and conversational tone that sets a joyful and romantic vibe.

Funny, or romantic, wedding vows that will make him cry are a must and an ultimate way to express love for your better half. Make wedding vows part of your wedding planning by including them on your programs, wedding thank you cards, and more.

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