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Timeless Wedding Themes


One of the best ways to start planning a wedding is with the theme. Creating a special vision for your wedding is fun, exciting, and it allows you to tap into your creative side! There are several different types of wedding themes that you can choose. For starters, there is classic, vintage, bohemian, tropical, whimsical, the list could go on and on. Sticking with a wedding theme not only enhances your special day, but it creates a cohesive design throughout the day. Here is a great place to start for wedding theme inspiration.


Perhaps today’s most contemporary wedding theme is the modern theme itself! Sleek, refined, and sophisticated. White walls adorned in trending greenery or a simple wooden color pallet that decorates itself in effortless simplicity. Whatever your take on the modern look is, it’s sure to be an elegant choice.

Follow a monochromatic scheme, add a flare of personalization, accent with candles, stationery, or forgo the decore entirely and let nature decide your background! Whether you enjoy traditional styles or view yourself as a modern minimalist, this theme may be the most timeless of them all.



One of the most popular wedding themes is vintage. This is a classic choice because of its timeless aspects. From suspenders and bowties to old Hollywood hair and glam makeup. You can even add to this theme by picking decoration pieces that are a little weathered to give them that vintage look. These elements all come together for moments that will never go out of style.



Picture this: You’re walking down a nontraditional aisle lined with oriental rugs, all leading to the love of your life under a macrame altar. If this sounds like your dream wedding, a bohemian style might be for you. Bohemian-themed weddings have gained popularity in recent years. We believe that this is because they tend to combine coziness with being carefree. Although new, we don’t see this wedding theme leaving our minds in the near future.


Thinking of a beach wedding? We’ll do you one better. How about a tropical wedding? The best part about tropical weddings is that you don’t necessarily need to be on a beach to enjoy the aesthetics they have to bring. From bright color palettes to tropical-themed cocktails (hello pina Coladas anyone!?). These will surely bring excitement to your day.

Whatever theme you decide on, your day is bound to be amazing. What matters most is your experience with the ones you love the most. 

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