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Wedding Flowers Artificial or Fresh

Wedding Flowers Artificial or Fresh?


Choosing Wedding Flowers Artificial or Fresh can be stressful and extremely costly, as they play a large part in both the ceremony and reception décor. Regardless of if you are leaning toward artificial or fresh flowers, you should always weigh your options and see what the best choice will be based on your budget, which season the wedding will take place, size of your venues, and other factors. Each flower option has its advantages and disadvantages so before making a final decision here are some things Complete Weddings + Events wants you to keep in mind:

Wedding Flowers Artificial or Fresh

Fresh Flowers: Advantages

Overall, fresh flowers look much more attractive compared to artificial ones. They also produce a lovely scent to fill any room. Fresh flowers can also be given away later to friends and family or dried for a keepsake. Most will agree that the beauty of a live lily or the scent of a red rose can’t be replaced by an artificial flower on your big day.

Fresh Flowers: Disadvantages

If you decide to use fresh flowers it is important to reduce costs in other areas as they tend to be a little more pricey, especially for the amount of time that they last. Transporting the fresh flower bouquets can also be a challenge due to their weight and the water that will have to accompany them throughout the entire day.

Artificial Flowers: Advantages

They last forever. These flowers will look just as good on your 25th wedding anniversary as they did the day you got married. Also, fake flowers don’t wilt. This is something to take into consideration if you are having a warm-weather, summer wedding. Likewise, they don’t freeze if you are braving the cold for a romantic winter wonderland wedding. Another thing to keep in mind with artificial flowers is that they can be sold or reused to help make another bride’s day just as special as your own. There are many local resources available to buy and sell wedding items right here in Des Moines! Check it out!

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Artificial Flowers: Disadvantages

Like we mentioned before, artificial flowers do not produce a scent. This is something that guests may recognize and miss when they enter your wedding venues. Artificial flowers are also great from far away but up close they can look cheap, so be sure if you decide to go the artificial route that you aren’t picking a low quality.

Regardless of what flowers you choose just be sure that they fit your wedding and your style. If they do, then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Like we’ve pointed out, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types and each wedding is different, so be sure to DO YOUR RESEARCH and find out which option is the best fit for you!

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