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Burnout from Wedding Planning


Burnout from Wedding Planning happens to almost every couple at some point during the wedding planning process, and we are here to tell you how to survive it. Maybe you started out excited and motivated, but lately, you are straight-up not having a good time.  Feeling overwhelmed or stressed during the planning process is totally normal, but it can be fixed so you can enjoy this special chapter in your life.

Beat Burnout from Wedding Planning by taking a break.

Even though this may seem counterproductive it is a necessary step. This is vital to your mental health and the health of your relationship. You and your fiancé should plan to have a day, weekend, or even a full week where you take a break from wedding planning. Make a promise to one another you will not talk about wedding planning on a date night, and after the break is over you can get back on track.

Beat burnout by making a wedding planning timeline.

Start by making a list of everything that still needs to be completed and put it in order of importance and note which tasks are time-sensitive vs. not. This will help you create a timeline for the duration of your planning period, and you can schedule a few tasks to complete each week. Once you see the plan on paper make sure to stay on track, you will see how quickly everything falls into place.

Throwing a party

This is the time to call in your tribe and release a little control so you can enjoy the planning process. Maybe you decided to DIY a lot of projects for your décor, and you need a little help. That is okay! Don’t be afraid to call in your village during this time. Your friends and family are happy to help, and they want to see you succeed.

Another great idea to help get your last-minute wedding tasks done is to have a small get-together. Invite a few friends and family over to help tie ribbons, fold napkins, put tags on favors, etc. Order some pizza or have a snack bar with a few drinks. This is a great way for the merging families to bond before the wedding, which means your special day will automatically be less awkward. Tying “thank you” tags on 300 on wedding favors is a lot for 1 person, but not for 10 people.

Hire an event coordinator.

An event coordinator is going to help you with all your last-minute details. This is going to open your schedule which means you can relax more. Hiring an events manager means that your day-of timeline, confirming with vendors, and day-of management will be taken care of.

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