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Samantha C

Meet Samantha C!

How long have you been a photographer? 

I’ve been a photographer for about three years now (since 2019), but have been shooting on and off since high school (2015). I mostly focused on landscape/nature and travel photography until I decided to start saying yes when people asked me to take their pictures!

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I have always loved photography, and started to get more serious about it to document my travels. In the last year I’ve been to over 16 states, 15 national parks, and have hiked over 50 different trails. I started posting my travel photos on social media, and people started reaching out to see if I’d be willing to take their photos. I decided that I’d try it out, and I think I now like it more than nature photography! There are so many amazing feelings and moments I now get to experience as a photographer (especially for weddings), and I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

What’s your favorite memory from an event you’ve worked?

It’s so hard to pick a single memory, every event I’ve photographed has been a positive and memorable experience. I love getting to have fun with the couple, and helping to make the day run smoothly while capturing memories. One wedding I shot the groom was Scottish and so all of the groomsmen wore formal Scottish attire, including kilts. The groomsmen all had so much fun taking both serious and funny photos, including plenty with the groom’s sword. We got the most amazing photo of the groom with his sword up in the air, and the bride with her bouquet up, while they held hands and looked off into the mountains. By the end of the wedding I wanted to be best friends with the entire bridal party!

How would you describe your photography style?

I’d say I’m the perfect mix of dramatic and intimate, capturing both the big and the small. I try to tailor my photography to the couple, making sure to get both in the moment candid’s and prompted poses for amazing photos!

What venue has been your favorite to shoot at?

I’m a sucker for any outdoor venue with great views, after all this is Colorado and there are great views all around! I loved shooting at Thunderhead Lodge in Steamboat Springs. The couple’s ceremony was at the top of the ski resort and the fall colors were in peak, it was absolute magic.

List one fun fact most people don’t know about you!

I’m fluent in American Sign Language! I started learning in early high school, and took classes all the way through my undergraduate degree.

Venues Samantha has shot at!

Windy Point | The Grand Steamboat & Thunderhead Lodge | Baldoria on the Water | Three Trees Chapel | Radiant Church

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