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Choosing Your Denver Wedding Venue

Choosing the venue where your Denver Wedding will take place is one of the and most essential decisions a bride will make. But have no fear, we are here to help break it down for you! The venue where your reception -and possibly your ceremony- will take place can be the biggest expense of your wedding. But, if you do your homework, the decision will be an easy one.


Complete Denver Wedding Reviews from 2020’s Most Recent Newlyweds

While 2020 gave us quite a few unexpected curveballs, many lucky couples were still blessed to be able to host the day of their dreams. 2020 weddings have come in all shapes in sizes, with varying regulations and adjustments to make these magical days quite a successful miracle. From micro weddings to massive ones (prior to mid-March), we loved playing our part for every event! Despite the challenges, our Complete Weddings + Events team in Denver has been continually reminded of why we love what we do. Luckily, the happy feelings we have about helping couples throw the best day of their lives is mutual! Here is a recap of 2020 reviews from this year’s most recent newlyweds!

Madi & Jake | Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

After being together for 6 1/2 years, Madi & Jake got married on February 22nd, 2020 at the Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings in Thorton, Colorado. This venue hits 2 birds with 1 stone, giving you a 180-degree view of our beautiful capital, and the breathtaking mountains in the background. With their huge fire place in the center of the foyer, Brittany Hill gives you warmth on even the coldest of Colorado days.

Madi’s BEAUTIFUL mermaid cut deep V wedding dress is by d’Anelli Bridal (@danelli_bridal). And the matching one strap, royal blue bridesmaids dresses are by Azazie (@azazieofficial). To pop in a little bit of color for each step she took, Madi picked out a pair of elegant, royal blue stilettos.

Painted Primrose (@paintedprimrose) put together their arrangement of roses for bouquets and center tables. Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings provided their catering.

Reasons Why You Need a Denver Wedding Planner

Why Do You Need a Denver Wedding Planner?

It’s nearly impossible for only one person to plan an entire wedding by themselves. From venues to decorations, there’s a million things to be done. You don’t need to do it solo! Hiring a Wedding Planner is a great way to bring down your stress, while also saving money on the big things. Whether you want a full team or a single planner, here are the reasons why you need a Denver Wedding Planner.


Bridesmaid Duties in Denver You Need to Know

So, you’re going to be a Bridesmaid…

Congratulations! Not only do you get to see your best friend, sister, co-worker or cousin get married, you’re becoming their right hand (wo)man! Whether you’ve been in 10 weddings, or this is your first one, the roles of Bridesmaids are ever-changing. From planning to supporting, there are tons of things that need to get done. But don’t let that stress you out! In the end, everything will fall into place just as you hoped it would. Now let’s jump into the Bridesmaid duties in Denver you need to know.

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Bridesmaids- Gal pals, sisters, cousins, or about-to-be-in-laws, bridesmaids are an essential for a wedding. Whether you have 3 or 10, these ladies are in charge of so many things; from a bachelorette party to literally keeping you sane on  your big day. They’re special to you, and it’s thoughtful to let them know that with DIY Bridesmaid Gift Boxes! This box can be for a bridesmaid proposal, or thanking them for sticking with you through all of the ups and downs.

6 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream Your Denver Wedding

Why live stream an event? When it comes to weddings, couples may be looking at ways international relatives to still feel connected during the ceremony, or the wedding budget requires cutting back the guest list count. When you still want everyone to be able to tune in, even if it’s just virtually, live streaming your Denver wedding is the best option. Let’s dive right into the benefits of live streaming your Denver wedding ceremony.

6 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream Your Denver Wedding

Top 10 Wedding Dance Floor Songs

We compiled the top songs from our wedding DJs to make the ultimate dance floor playlist. Your DJ should customize a playlist, sometimes on the spot, to what you and your guests are enjoying that night, but it’s definitely a great idea to be prepared with a few must-play songs. These must-play songs are the tunes that give you and your crew the best vibes or a song you and your partner have a special connection with. Maybe the bridesmaids know every word to a Fergie song, or you and your bae have a silly dance to a certain One Direction song. Either way, spill the tea and share these special songs with your DJ! Your Denver DJ will be able to help you with more recommendations based on your tastes and the songs that you enjoy the most.


Our complete playlist of top dance floor songs includes oldies like “Play That Funky Music” to songs from this decade like “#SELFIE” to help you find your must-play songs, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites below.

Micro Weddings Denver Ideas- How to Plan & Where to Start

Considering having a micro wedding in Denver? These smaller events are not only a cost-saving alternative to a traditional wedding with 150+ guests, but they’re an intimate affair that can be as unique as you and your partner. Since they are on a smaller scale, there are more options for locations, catering, seating, and activities that can’t easily be recreated at a large Denver event.

#Mc2Mac Engagement Photos, Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods- a gorgeous area of rock formations in Colorado Springs, Colorado is known for being an ideal location for any kind of photo shoot. With mountains to the west, and lush green wilderness all around, there’s no surprise that it’s in the top 5 places to visit here in Colorado.