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Ben Hedrick

Ben Hedrick Wedding Videographer in Columbia

How would you describe your personality?   Energetic, bombastic, upbeat, optimistic, and always eager to try and learn new things.

What is your number one goal at a wedding?  To make sure the bride and groom are going to feel like movie stars when they watch the video.

Why did you become a videographer?  Because there are few things in life as rewarding as making someone feel beautiful when they see themselves on video.

What are your specialties?  An extremely keen eye trained to spot the best angles and shots that mimic modern cinema while capturing the best day in a client’s life.

"The photo, video, and dj team offered multiple meetings to be able to ensure we were getting exactly what we wanted: from location of shoots to posing to what was not allowed on the playlist. I really felt like I had a team there making the best of the day and not just clicking photos. They were enthusiastic, genuine, and got to know us. The team treated us like family - asking questions we hadn't thought of, offering ideas and accepting criticisms or if we declined an option. The dj went out of his way to make sure we weren't stressing about last minute problems, grabbing the couple drinks and helping with clean up. The dj was one of the most praised parts of the reception! Thank y'all so much and we can't wait to see our finished product! - Caryn J.

Our Photographer, Videographer, and DJ were all fun and excited to be a part of our wedding. Their professionalism and skill really showed throughout the night. They went above and beyond their requirements by really engaging with the wedding party and guests. By the end of the night, everyone had a fantastic time and thought of our Complete people as friends! - Tim H."

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