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Ultimate Guide to Chicago Wedding Lighting Rental

Ultimate Guide to Chicago Wedding Lighting Rental


Lighting can dramatically transform your wedding venue, creating an unforgettable atmosphere and adding a touch of magic to your special day. When it comes to the best in the business, Complete Wedding + Events is your go-to for expert event specialists and top-notch wedding lighting services in Chicago.

Why Choose Chicago Wedding Lighting Rental?

Choosing a Chicago wedding lighting rental means you’re investing in more than just lights. You’re investing in an unforgettable experience that will bring your vision to life, illuminate your venue, and wow all your guests.

Our team at Complete Wedding + Events offers a variety of lighting equipment to suit any style and venue, from uplighting that transforms walls and ceilings to dance floor lighting that sets the stage for endless entertainment. We also offer custom gobo and monogram lighting to add a personalized touch to your décor.

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What to Look for in a Lighting Service

When looking for wedding lighting services in Chicago, Illinois, consider the following:

  1. Expertise – Look for expert event specialists who understand the nuances of lighting design and can offer guidance based on your venue and wedding theme.
  2. Variety – Choose a service that offers a range of lighting options, from pin spots and lanterns to marquee letters and projector screens.
  3. Reliability – Ensure the company has a solid reputation for reliability and customer service.
  4. Value – Consider the overall value offered, including the quality of equipment, pricing, and additional services like photo booth rentals.

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How Can Complete Wedding + Events Help with Your Event Lighting Needs?

At Complete Wedding + Events, we offer a variety of lighting services to create the perfect ambiance for your big day. Our expert event specialists work closely with clients to understand their vision and bring it to life.

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception with old-world charm or a corporate event with modern elegance, our team has got you covered. We offer custom gobo and monogram lighting to highlight the head table or dance floor, pin spotting to detail your décor, and uplighting to transform the room.

In addition to our lighting services, we also provide photo booths for endless entertainment for all your guests. These photo booth rentals not only add an element of fun but also create lasting memories of your wedding day.

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FAQs About Lighting Equipment for a Wedding Reception

What is the best lighting for a wedding?

The best lighting for a wedding depends on the venue, time of day, and personal preference. Uplighting, pin spots, lanterns, and dance floor lights are all popular choices.

Should I get cool or warm lights for a wedding?

Both cool and warm lights can create beautiful effects. Cool lights can create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere, while warm lights can add a romantic, cozy feel.

How do you light an outdoor wedding at night?

For an outdoor wedding at night, consider using lanterns, fairy lights, and uplighting to illuminate the area. Pin spotting can highlight specific details or areas.

How much does light for a wedding cost?

The average cost of wedding lighting can vary greatly depending on the type of lighting, the size of the venue, and the length of the rental. Contact us for a customized quote.

How do you light an outdoor event space?

Outdoor event spaces can be lit with lanterns, fairy lights, spotlights, and uplights. It’s important to consider the layout of the space and any natural lighting sources.

How do you set up lighting for an event?

Setting up lighting for an event involves planning the layout, installing the lights, and adjusting them for the best effect. Our team at Complete Wedding + Events handles all these details for you.

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Whether you’re planning a wedding or corporate event, investing in professional lighting services can make a world of difference.

Lighting is the magic ingredient that brings your wedding decor to life, creating a captivating atmosphere that wows your guests and adds an extra touch of elegance to your big day.

Whether it’s uplighting that transforms your venue, a projector screen that displays romantic patterns on the ceiling, or detail lighting that highlights your decor, the possibilities are truly endless.

Imagine your guests dancing under a canopy of light, every detail of your decor illuminated to perfection, and the look of sheer joy on the bride’s face as she takes in the magical ambiance. That’s the power of professional lighting rental for weddings.

But the best part? Bringing these ideas to life is easier than you might think. We’re just one phone call away from helping you cross this important task off your wedding planning list. So why wait?

Let’s start creating the party of your dreams and make your wedding day an unforgettable celebration. Light up your big day with us, and let’s create some magic together.

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