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Elazia Key

Elazia Key Wedding Videographer in Peoria, IL

Why did you decide to become a videographer?

I love to convey emotions and express my vision of stories to people. I love to tell them.

What is your favorite memory from an event you’ve shot?

My favorite memory is a recent one of a pilot I’m working on. Just working with people who want to be there and cooperate was really amazing.

What is your favorite thing about being a videographer?

My favorite thing is showing people what I captured. When I show others what it looks like, it’s the satisfaction of showing them and knowing that they enjoy it.

What makes you or your work unique/stand out?

I have an aesthetic to my shots. I take risks when I shoot and they turn out great.

What is your favorite part of the night?

My favorite part is when everything is silent.

List one fun fact about you most people do not know:

I can say the alphabet backwards.



""The photographer and videographer did a great job. And took there time. And went thou everything step by step. Especially for my first wedding." - Kelli P.

"Everything! The videographer was super sweet & understanding. Very patient and I would recommend her to anyone!!" - Sarah B.


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