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Mel Rodriguez

Mel Rodriguez Wedding Videographer in Peoria, IL

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I didn’t decide to become a photographer but that, photography discovered me.

I have always documented everything, even when I was a young teen. I had this little pink camera and I recorded and photographed my little world. In 2016 is when I first bought a camera and started to photograph music events/ DIY shows , I found my true calling of what I wanted to do. I wanted to document everything. I was only 19 years old and I was hungry for new adventures, opportunities and the people that I would meet.

What is your favorite memory from an event you’ve shot?

It’s hard to determine my favorite memory, but I love every shoot/event I get a chance to be a part of. One that stands out to me was one of the first few weddings I got to be the second shooter, a young couple was reading there vows and you could feel the love in their voice and their stares. When the bride Sam was reading her vows to her husband she couldn’t help but cry and let herself show how much their love has impacted her. I was BAWLING! Her vows were so beautiful and I could never forget them, they were so cute and genuinely happy

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

My favorite thing by far is meeting new people, I am a people person! I love meeting people who appreciate great photos and hire a photographer. Along with collaborating with other creatives to create an awesome shoot. Fall/Winter of 2018 I worked with a Vintage Boutique in Normal, IL called Butter twice and again and we created an awesome lookbook. Fashion and portraiture are my passions.

What makes your work stand out?

Angles and smiles, I try my best to let whoever I am photographing portray their natural smile and their angle. I love photographing someone and capturing them in all angles because we all look good in all angles, trust me I’ll make you look really cute no matter what angle. With that being said the low angle would have to be one of my signature angles

What is your favorite part of an event?

My favorite part of an event night is the DANCING! I love it when I am at an event with a Complete DJ, because they always kill it. When Michael Jackson plays, I will without a doubt be dancing!

What is something about you most people don’t know?

A Fun fact about me is that I love a challenge, with anything. Food, photography, and art. I try to make the best out of everything.

""Our photographer was fantastic! We really enjoyed Mel." - Sarah S.

"Mel would fix my necklace if it was messed up before snapping a picture. She even pinned all the boutonnieres on the guys." - Shanice O.


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