Owning a Work from Home Franchise: 3 Tips to Find Success
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Owning a Work from Home Franchise: 3 Tips to Find Success


Owning a work-from-home franchise gives you the opportunity to operate a low-investment business with unlimited earnings potential from the comfort of home. Discover some tips from Complete Weddings + Events to run a successful home-based franchise.

Remote work hit the mainstream following the pandemic outbreak when 79% of people were forced to telework as companies shut their offices to keep employees safe. People quickly learned working from home saves both time and money. Untethering yourself from your desk and a 9 to 5 schedule can give you freedom and flexibility. Productivity increases as you no longer endure stop-and-go traffic, useless meetings, and superfluous chats by the water cooler. Even though most offices in the United States are open again, nearly 59% of Americans are opting to remain working from home.

Working from home gives people with busy schedules the ability to multitask and juggle childcare responsibilities. If you see yourself throwing in a load of laundry before jumping on a Zoom call or getting a work task finished while waiting for soccer practice to end, working from home is a great choice. Owning a work-from-home business puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you take control of your paycheck.

Tips to Succeed at Home

Depending on your personality, working on the home front may pose a challenge. Easy access to snacks and drowning out noise may be difficult. Here are some tips to stay focused and maintain output at home.

  1. Establish a Home Office. New technology makes it simple to crack open your laptop and work from anywhere. But, it’s never a good idea to set up shop on your bed or in front of the television. Create a designated office space, preferably with a door.
  2. Set Up a Schedule. Working from home means you no longer clock in and out, but you do need to establish a reliable work schedule. Set aside time in your day for exercise and household chores, but also lay out your office hours and try to abide by them. That also means shutting down in the evening to decompress.
  3. Take Breaks. One of the benefits of working from home is flexibility. Don’t chain yourself to your desk chair. Take breaks to do chores or take the dog out for a walk. Taking regular breaks will also make you more productive and improve your focus.

Franchising Enables Home-Based Future

Now that you are armed with the tools to make the transition to working from home seamless, it’s time to look at investment opportunities. Franchising offers a wide array of business opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs who are considering tackling a work-from-home opportunity. Franchising is advantageous because it allows you to operate a recognizable brand with a proven business model, as well as proper support and training.


For some franchise options, all you need are a laptop, smartphone, and high-speed Internet to be in business. Other franchises conduct back-office administrative tasks from a home office while a mobile van travels to customers to get the job done. The success of your work-from-home job depends on picking the right business model in a thriving industry. To get started, it’s important to decide if you want to be an owner-operator or manager. You also need to know your financial expectations and whether you want a low-investment option or a business with a high price tag.


Here are some of the industries with the best home-based franchises and mobile businesses to help make your decision easier.


  • Home Services. As people stayed home to flatten the curve, they tackled home repair projects that had been left on the back burner. Home-services franchises are helping weekend warriors get the job done. Most home-services franchises use a home office to take care of the books and have a truck or van to hold their equipment.


  • Pet Care. Pet care is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States. From mobile pet groomers to pet food delivery, the number of franchise opportunities catering to four-legged family members is on the rise.
  • Senior Care. By 2030, all baby boomers will be over 65 years old, and many seniors are reluctant to lose their independence as they age. As a result, franchises providing eldercare consulting and at-home services can be a profitable business option.


  • Business Services. A number of white-collar franchises that provide services to businesses offer a viable work-from-home option. Technology consultants, career coaches, and tax preparers are a few popular examples.


  • Event Planning. For detail-oriented entrepreneurs, event planning is a low-investment, home-based business with a twist. You get all of the benefits of working from a home office and the satisfaction of seeing your efforts unfold in real-time.


Complete Weddings + Events is the nation’s largest events services provider and has almost 50 years of experience taking the hassle out of event planning. By combining wedding planning and event planning, business owners are able to generate year-round sales with one of the top home-based franchises.


Whether customers are planning a wedding or celebrating a milestone, a Complete Weddings franchise has the tools to surpass expectations. As a one-stop-shop for customers, Complete Weddings has a network of resources to take care of the entire package, including video, photo, DJ, photo booth, and more.


A franchise owner of Complete Weddings + Events, gets a piece of the $72 billion wedding industry for a low investment of $56,820 to $71,070. Currently, the company is offering a limited-time Incentive Program for new franchise owners.

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