White Collar Franchises: Finding the Best Business Model for You
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White Collar Franchises: Selecting the Best Business Model for You


If you are searching for a lucrative business opportunity with flexibility and unlimited earnings potential, owning a white-collar franchise is a good option for you.

When you think of franchising, do you picture a person wearing a tool belt or managing a team of teenagers flipping burgers? The franchise industry is not only fast-food restaurants, home repair providers, and big-box gyms. Franchising offers a vast number of low-investment, high-reward professional opportunities. In fact, by the end of 2022, the United States is on track to reach 792,014 franchises. And last year, the U.S. franchise industry generated nearly $788 billion. Franchising gives people the opportunity to take charge of their future and invest in themselves.

Named after the shirt and tie uniform of a business executive, white-collar franchises share similarities with life in the corporate world. In fact, they used to be primarily office-based. But as the popularity of remote work grows, home-based options are becoming the norm. White-collar, or professional franchises, offer a flexible business ownership opportunity at the right price and are a great business opportunity for people accustomed to a desk job. All that’s required to own a white-collar franchise is a can-do attitude, attention to detail, and access to high-speed internet.

Falling for a White-Collar Franchise

Finding the right franchise can be tricky. Before making the decision if a white-collar franchise is the way to go, it’s important to set some personal goals to put you on the right track. If you’ve spent some time in the corporate world, work-life balance and control of your financial future are typically at the top of the list. A white-collar franchise can put you on the path to a better future.

  • Unlimited Earnings Potential. Owning a business puts you in charge of your paycheck. It’s no longer necessary to wait for bonus time or your annual review to receive a pay bump. The success of a white-collar career depends on the owner and how much time they want to invest. The more clients you take on, the more money you earn.
  • Work-Life Balance. As the number of two-income families rises and workers juggle work commitments and childcare responsibilities, people are searching for opportunities that offer flexibility. At least 76% of remote workers are cutting their commute and choosing to get their jobs done remotely, Pew Research A home office offers flexibility, and the lack of distractions enables people to meet deadlines more efficiently.Owning a white-collar franchise lets you work at your own pace and on your own timeline. As a business owner, there’s no one tracking when you clock in and clock out. Professional franchisees make their own schedules, alleviating the pressures of a 9 to 5 gig. Home-based franchises offer an added layer of flexibility because you can get work done on the go.
  • Swift Timeline. Finding real estate and hiring employees takes time and money. A white-collar franchise is an owner-operator business and doesn’t require the bells and whistles of a brick-and-mortar location. Franchisees can get their new business up and running quickly. Most professional franchises also require very little inventory to operate successfully.
  • Low Startup Costs. Franchises already have the upper hand by operating a business with a proven track record, training, and support. Brand recognition enables them to achieve profitability quickly, and many set up shop with customers in the pipeline. Starting a business can be a scary proposition. Getting a white-collar franchise off the ground without putting a big dent in your financial portfolio makes it easier.

Finding the Right Partner

Successful white-collar franchise owners capitalize on transferable skills. People with a business, sales, or managerial background are a great fit. There are many opportunities to explore in the professional franchise space, including career coaching, project management, technology support, and financial services. Some long-term players in the professional franchise space include The Entrepreneur’s Source, We Sell Restaurants, and Cruise Planners.

Say ‘I Do’ With Complete Weddings + Events

If you are highly organized and have a creative side, Complete Weddings + Events may be an ideal white-collar franchise to consider. Complete Weddings + Events is the nation’s largest events services provider and has almost 50 years of experience helping couples say, “I do,” without a hitch.

Getting a one-stop-shop wedding and event planning franchise started requires a very low investment of $56,820 – $71.070, while taking advantage of the limited time Incentive Program. New owners gain access to the company’s network of experts to help connect with potential clients. Having the resources to take care of the entire event package including video, photo, DJ, photo booth, coordination, and more, gives every Complete Weddings + Events franchisee a competitive advantage, and concentrating on a variety of special occasions enables owners to have a year-round business model to provide consistency.

To learn more about partnering with a family business to open a professional franchise, click here to contact Complete Weddings + Events and connect with the Director of Franchise Sales.

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