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Ryan Mitchell

Austin Wedding Videography

Seeing the beauty in everything is a theme that I live by. Whether it’s a flower in the concrete, the shape of the clouds, the beauty of morning, or the mystery of night, it’s all a wonder to be held; to know, to experience & to be captured. Many of lifes moments are often known, felt, yet not captured. But, left to the memory, they all fade. 

I have a passion to capture it. To not leave it up to a fading memory. To grab it, embrace it, as it was. In the moment that it existed, so that you can relive it, not just replay it! As it was, for you, for your children, for your family to come, from generations afar. With crystal clear audio you can hear the laughter, the tears of joy, the sweet exchange. With clarity, viewing the expression of the groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle, the tears in the Fathers eyes as he gives her to another man, the joy in the mothers face of the first dance & the awe of the family that came from east & west to see a child they once knew, grow into a loving adult. 

I am here to capture that. With 8 children of my own & a wife of 14 years, I understand the importance of capturing a moment in time. A moment in time, that we want to freeze forever. As a Cinematographer, my mission is to do just that. I want to show your story, for centuries to come.

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