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Bromwyn Hibbard

What is your favorite memory from an event you’ve photographed?
A few years ago, I covered a wedding on Halloween. Most guests were dressed in costume, myself donned in kitty ears. After a beautiful Ceremony at Texas Old Town, the reception kicks off indoors at full swing. Suddenly, everything is interrupted by a loud crash over the speakers, followed by a slightly robotic message: prepare to be boarded. Everyone’s eyes dart around for the source of disruption. Then the unmistakable music starts, percussion and horns, as Storm Troopers descend into the crowd. Militaristically, they flank the bride and groom seated at their sweetheart table, as Darth Vader sweeps ominously into the room. Addressing the newlyweds, his heartfelt speech is chalked full of compliments for finally joining the Dark Side. The entire crowd is roaring with laughter, tears streaming down aching cheeks. As his toast comes to a close, the Imperial March begins again. As Storm Troopers begin preceding Darth Vader out of the room, his music is then interrupted by a startling, inhuman roar as Godzilla bursts in to crash the party! The apparent enemies lock eyes, Darth Vader draws his light saber, and a battle to enslave all humans ensues. The entire crowd loses their minds, cheering on this unlikely intergalactic encounter.
What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

I LOVE the genuine human connection that I share with my clients. Weddings are often the culmination of so much thinking and planning, stress and rewards, and anticipation and daydreaming. I love connecting with people that are So in love, that they want to be joined together in the eyes of the world. And the celebration is usually the biggest party that anyone will throw in their life. And I absolutely love telling this story with my photos.

What makes you stand out?

I have often been complimented that it’s easy to see that I love doing what I do. My enthusiasm is genuine, and I give every single Wedding Day everything I have. I’ll jog to go grab your bouquet, I’ll meticulously turn your jewelry to show it off, I’ll cry with you during parent dances because I’m so invested in the moment. My heart so full of gratitude that This is what I get to spend my time doing, and it absolutely quenches my soul.

What is your favorite part of the event?

My favorite part of the day has to be the Bride and Groom portraits session. At that point, there has been so much going on, that this is sometimes the first time the couple gets to share a private moment. We get to break away from the hustle and bustle, and take a breath for just the two of you. I think that photographing people is a very specific and intimate role and I believe that I provide a safe space for couples to feel beautiful and confident, without judgement. And I also think that these photos are often the most important to a couple- the ones that might get blown up really big and hung over a mantle.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a mommy of multiples! My twins have pushed me to be better at things I do, inspired me to live thoughtfully and purposefully, toughened me up, and taught me about patience.  🙂

"Bromwyn is a joy to work with. Wedding day can be a chaotic day with so much going on that some details may be forgotten. While it is up to us as the couple to tell her what we want, that day can be so busy for us both that we can forget important details. That happened to us but Bromwyn figured it out for us and took the stress away from us. She was extremely accommodating and never made me as the bride feel worried about anything even when we were running behind. She was an excellent team lead for the 2nd photographer and the videographer. Her experience led us to take shots we didn’t even think to take but so happy she had us do them! She is a professional and expert in what she does. Love her!"

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